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In the midst of an identity crisis I decided to create a photoshoot to document me interacting with my digital shadow work collages. I had made these collages only using photos I had in my camera gallery for an art therapy experiential.

A shadowself is an expresion used in therapy to describe the part of our subconscious that can be seen as inflicting self-sabotage when being ignored.“In the shadowplay, acting out your own death, knowing no more...”. The purpose of shadow work is identify themes, behaviors, and patterns within our subconscious such as insecurities and deep rooted fears.  

I projected my shadow work and survival fears collages as representation to physically express my shadowself. This experience and process was healing because I was able to acknowledge the pain that had been hidden deep in my subconscious. 

︎ art therapy, experience design, digital college

Here are the original collages that I had made during art therapy experientials.

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