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It is an important topic to spread awareness on because of the intensity of human rights violations currently happening to immigrants in America. I want to attract people's attention and get them to be intrigued enough to ask questions. I want people to appreciate the value that immigrants bring to the country. As well as acknowledge the detrimental impact of I.C.E. on immigrants and their families. No one should have to live in fear on a daily basis or even have the rights of their bodies stripped away from them. I am outraged and extremely disheartened by these inhumane acts and how the government is quietly continuing to sterilize women of color. By creating approachable tote bags with strong language I am provoking a conversation with people I may interact with on my day to day journey. I am constantly trying to balance the blend of Mexican American culture within me and my work by paying homage to my heritage. I sewed the tote bag myself then block printed my design and lastly embroidered some of the details.
︎pattern design, block printing, sewing, embroidery 

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